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September 6, 2010

The Big Bang Theory Essay

There are currently two widely accepted scientific theories explaining how planet earth was formed. Creationists believe that God created the heavens and the earth, and that God said let there be light, and there was light. Creationists do not believe that random occurrences of nature sparked the beginning of life as we know it. Creationists believe that God created a fully formed earth, and produced man complete in His image. Evolutionists, on the other hand, believe that the universe exploded from a tiny particle.

The Big Bang Theory is the prevailing scientific theory concerning the origin of the universe. According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe was created sometime between 10 and 20 billion years ago. A massive cosmic explosion released radiation, particles, and clouds of atoms into the atmosphere. Before this tremendous explosion occurred, the total matter and energy of space was contained completely at one point. Evolutionists cannot say however, what existed before this event. The Big Bang caused particles to be thrown outward, and to continue in an expanding nature. After the Big Bang, the universe was very hot, and when it did begin to cool off, that is when the formation of common particles began to form. The particles that formed were what scientists would refer to as the building blocks of matter, photons, electrons, and quarks. Gravity soon took over, and condensed all the atoms into galaxies where stars appeared. A phenomenon that occurs when a star dies and explodes is called a supernova. When the stars exploded they created new types of atoms, which were released back into the galaxy and converged with cosmic dust and molecules. Then these formations condensed to form planets. Many more events took place and bacteria formed on earth, which evolved into the human form we know today. (more…)

July 6, 2010

Effects of Divorce on Children Essay

In today’s society, divorce has become a norm in our lives. Married couples today are getting a divorce due to many different reasons, either because of conflicts in the marriage, lost of romantic feelings, a spouse committing an affair, and other type of marriage problems. Most of these divorced couples have children that are very young and due to their age, have no idea on how to deal with an event like a divorce. These children will have to learn to deal with their parent’s divorce at such a young age, affecting them in a positive or negative way. After interviewing two sisters, who recently live through their parents’ divorce, and reading studies from mediator John W. Reiman, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Dallas Morning News’, Karen Patterson, that proves children may positively deal with the consequences of their parent’s divorce; however, the majority of children who see the process of divorce, can experience some long term negative effects. (more…)

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