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August 25, 2010

Essay on Religion and Ethics

In the world today, there are two extremely different and distinct sets of values that most people follow. There are religious values, and there are also the ethical values of society. Some people find it important to strictly live by the guidelines of religion, while others feel they need only to obey societies moral codes or ethics. This is a never-ending conflict. Religion and ethics are two very separate entities in the world, and are two forms of values that definitely have opposing views of what is right and wrong. This is why religion and ethics cannot, and will not, ever agree with each other. It is easy to understand how these two sides cannot agree with each other and how they have completely opposing views when analyzing the topics of abortion, war, and homosexuality. (more…)

August 10, 2010

Institutional Racism Makes Two Societies Essay

Try to imagine everyday life. Who do you see on television? Who do you see as political leaders? What kind of people do you see working as doctors and lawyers versus the kinds of people you see working at fast food restaurants and as garbage collectors? Who is on the list of the wealthiest Americans? Who do you see living in your neighborhood? Is it racially mixed or segregated? When you think of a criminal who comes to mind? When answering these questions you’ll probably see a pattern. Whites are associated with better job positions, better living conditions, better lifestyles and blacks are associated with things like welfare, crime, poverty, and a reputation for not caring. These assumptions are based purely on how society likes to portray blacks and whites. It is not the African Americans fault that they are portrayed in this way but the fact that they are still being treated differently than whites. There are definitely two societies: a black society and white society and it will probably be that way for a long time. Institutional racism is to blame for the two societies on the basis that African Americans are discriminated against in the realms of education, health care, and criminal justice. (more…)

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