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March 9, 2011

Critical Thinking and Decision Making essay

The ability to think critically and incorporate decision making abilities into one’s judgment rely upon factors that are consistently joined in the human experience. The authors of the primary text in this course refer to critical thinking as several abilities. All these abilities have one common factor. That factor is the understanding of how decision making is effective. To understand critical thinking one must not only realize the attributes but also the benefits of possessing the qualities of a critical thinker. Also, one must be able to incorporate this understanding into their present working atmosphere.

The authors of the e-text, state that critical thinking is comprised of three things. First, a critical thinker must have an awareness of a set of interrelated critical questions. Second, the ability to ask and answer critical questions at appropriate times is crucial. Finally, the thinker must desire to actively use the critical questions. (p.4).I would like to add to this definition. The key to all these habits is questions. One must question the obvious and accepted, in order to derive a higher form of understanding. Questions can happen for many reasons. We question to understand a situation, and the facts and opinions that surround it. We question to reapply the accepted and understood in hopes of finding a realization that will sharpen our perspective on a particular topic. We also question to form an argument upon which a foundation of dialog may exist and grow. By asking questions, “a spirit of curiosity, wonder, and intellectual adventure…” is created.(p.3). This becomes a true melting pot from which critical questions and the decisions made beyond those questions come from. (more…)

December 20, 2010

Internet Piracy Essay

We have come to think of the internet as a place of anonymity. A place where we can lose ourselves for a few hours and do things we could not normally do. We can study the world news without it being filtered for the “American” view. We can learn how to make all sorts of items using knowledge that only privileged members of our military know. We can have an entirely new life-style on the internet. Unfortunately, the freedom to do every one of the things I listed above is rapidly disappearing. From watching what you download, to installing software without your, various companies and government agencies are monitoring your every move on the internet.

When most of the world’s internet users surf the internet, they experience what has become all too common in today’s digital world, spam. Unsolicited advertising (also known as spam) is taking over the internet. This spam comes in many forms. It ranges from junk e-mail to the less obvious hidden programs that install themselves on a computer.

Spam e-mail is a multi-million dollar industry. This is due to the fact that there are billions of e-mails sent daily to unsuspecting victims. If only one out of every thousand people answer these e-mails it still constitutes enormous revenue for the companies responsible. Some companies have tried to create so called spam-blockers. The problem with this approach is that spam is almost completely unidentifiable to a computer. The computer reads all e-mail as e-mail and therefore cannot successfully filter any one type of e-mail from another. (more…)

October 25, 2010

Cyber Homeschooling essay

The new age is upon us, and with it has come new ideas in areas such as education. Cyber schooling is a new educational option available (R., Barb). Cyber home schooling can hold many benefits to a child that public or private schooling cannot. Although home schooling a child has been around for quite some time, the idea of letting the child learn on his or her own, over the internet, is a rather large accomplishment.

The country’s first online secondary school is not a regular public school, though it is funded by public dollars. It’s not a private school either, though it operates largely outside the realm of state regulations and district polices. Rather, it is a new kind of school, a sort of public/private hybrid known as a charter school. Charter schools are independent, results-oriented, publicly funded schools or choice designed and run by teachers or others under contract with a public sponsor. Teachers, parents, social service organizations, or others develop a contract, or charter, to convert an existing school to a charter school or start a new one. The organizers then seek a sponsor, a local school board, state board of education, State University, or some other public entity, to determine if the school is worth approving and to make sure approved schools abide by the charter terms. If a school fails to live up to its promises, particularly those addressing student performance, the charter may be revoked (Buechler). Now if we take this explanation and add a computer and the Internet, we have Cyber Charter Schools. (more…)

August 25, 2010

Essay on Religion and Ethics

In the world today, there are two extremely different and distinct sets of values that most people follow. There are religious values, and there are also the ethical values of society. Some people find it important to strictly live by the guidelines of religion, while others feel they need only to obey societies moral codes or ethics. This is a never-ending conflict. Religion and ethics are two very separate entities in the world, and are two forms of values that definitely have opposing views of what is right and wrong. This is why religion and ethics cannot, and will not, ever agree with each other. It is easy to understand how these two sides cannot agree with each other and how they have completely opposing views when analyzing the topics of abortion, war, and homosexuality. (more…)

August 10, 2010

Institutional Racism Makes Two Societies Essay

Try to imagine everyday life. Who do you see on television? Who do you see as political leaders? What kind of people do you see working as doctors and lawyers versus the kinds of people you see working at fast food restaurants and as garbage collectors? Who is on the list of the wealthiest Americans? Who do you see living in your neighborhood? Is it racially mixed or segregated? When you think of a criminal who comes to mind? When answering these questions you’ll probably see a pattern. Whites are associated with better job positions, better living conditions, better lifestyles and blacks are associated with things like welfare, crime, poverty, and a reputation for not caring. These assumptions are based purely on how society likes to portray blacks and whites. It is not the African Americans fault that they are portrayed in this way but the fact that they are still being treated differently than whites. There are definitely two societies: a black society and white society and it will probably be that way for a long time. Institutional racism is to blame for the two societies on the basis that African Americans are discriminated against in the realms of education, health care, and criminal justice. (more…)

July 27, 2010

Anne Frank Essay

“But the bright little girl soon enough recognizes that the cultivated inner life can be a much more powerful and dangerous weapon with which to repel intruders than any baseball bat. It may be in her diary that she discovers how to keep part of herself back, and to take revenge on those who have wounded what part of her has been exposed. She learns about herself faster than her brother”. This quote was written by Thomas Mallon in 1984. The quote refers to Anne Frank being the “little girl”. I think that Thomas Mallon thought the confessional diary that Anne Frank kept was very powerful. Anne Frank did not need any weapons to fight off her enemies because she had the powers of words. The diary Anne kept did not only disparage her enemies. A lot of the time she would criticize herself and talk about her flaws. The diary was not all bad things either. Anne talked about how she understood her relationship with others. She talks about her personal growth and the development of her private and public self. Anne’s diary was published and soon everyone in the world knew of her secrets. The idea that Anne’s words are more powerful that a bat are supported by all of Anne’s writings, which is as simple as it sounds. (more…)

July 14, 2010

Madness in A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

A Streetcar Named Desire revolves around a theme of progressing madness. Blanche is the focal point of the madness because she has a low self esteem and her behavior is delusional. Her delusional behavior consists of her alcoholism, promiscuity, and compulsive lying. She constantly tries to cope with the madness, but the people around her drive her deeper into a delusional mental state. Many aspects of her life; however, make her madness more justifiable. Blanche’s increasingly unstable state culminates in her being committed to an asylum. The cause and effect of Blanche’s madness are used to bring the play together as a whole and show how madness affects everyone in the play. (more…)

June 22, 2010

Jealousy and Gender Essay

Jealousy is defined by Daly, Wilson & Weghorst (1982) as a “state that is aroused by a perceived threat to a valued relationship or position and motivates behaviour aimed at countering the threat”. There is empirical support to suggest that there is sexual differentiation in responses to scenario’s which elicit jealous reactions (Pietrzak, Laird, Stevens & Thompson, 2002). In a study conducted at the Australian National University in 2000, more men than women endorsed sexual infidelity as most distressing. The type of infidelity found more distressing to males and females is explained and justified by the evolutionary hypothesis (EH). It suggests that sex differences have their origins in the evolutionary process and are to be found universally (Buss, Larsen & Westen, 1996). Conversely the double-shot hypothesis (DS) suggests that men and women select the more distressing type of infidelity they think implies the occurrence of the other. Finally proponents of each hypothesis point to results and methodological deficiencies of the other hypothesis to undermine its claims. Although both hypotheses have reason to be believed the latter seems to be displaced by the amount of compelling evidence which suggests that sex differences have their origins in an evolutionary process that results in the different reactions to infidelity shown by men and women. (more…)

May 5, 2010

Essay on Culture of India

When comparing the culture of India to today’s American culture, there seems to be a great deal of differences, but a few similarities seem to show through as well. Both countries are highly populated, but the varying cultures between the two carry a great affect on the social status of the country overall. Seeing the prominent differences will give a clear view of what causes problems for the Indian culture.

India, the second most populated, is a very culturally diverse country. There are the Aryans in the northern part, and the Dravidians in the southern part. Numerous types and variations of languages are spoken their country, including Hindi, which is mainly spoken in the north, and another major language being English. Their constitution recognizes a list of fifteen regional languages spoken throughout the country.

The Indian economy is divided into two separate countries, the first mentioned being village India. Village residents get most of their economic aid from farming and agriculture. Their main crops of productions are rice, wheat, pulses, sugarcane, and corn. Cotton, tobacco, oilseeds, and jutes are the main non food crops. Sadly, in this part of the country, tens of millions of Indians live below the poverty level. The second type of Indian country economy, Urban India, is mostly consists of industrialization. (more…)

April 1, 2010

Essay on War

‘Is Iraq war justified’ is the one of the hot promulgation widely discussed among the literate. This is the war, which was initiated by U.S.A and it’s allies without the consent of the United Nation. The sources on which they had tried to justify this war were lately denounced. Emphasize to protect the world peace is quite genuine, however is it bipedal enough to put the life of several Iraqis to stake just for one man and destroy it’s peace. The issue has already been raised ‘Is the Iraq war justified’. This is such an argumentative issue that can hold several debates. There are people who justify this war on the fact that it was to end the prolonging and repressive dictatorship of Saddam and to protect the world from the nuke devastation. To me these reasons do not sound authentic enough to put the life of multifold Iraqis in to danger. In the view of this research, Iraq war is not justified because no discovery of nuclear weapons took place as predicted, no consent of the U.N.O was taken for it’s initiation and the war aftermath are very chaotic and agonizing.

Iraq is considered as one the richest oil producing countries of the world. It has been famous for Saddam Hussein’s (a former leader) brutal and cruel rule. Saddam had practiced several years of aggressive and barbaric dictatorship on his regime. He was as well counted as one of the active a participant in making nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

There was a continuous terror to the world, of his engagement in such a devastating act and posed threat to the existing human race.

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