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June 22, 2010

Jealousy and Gender Essay

Jealousy is defined by Daly, Wilson & Weghorst (1982) as a “state that is aroused by a perceived threat to a valued relationship or position and motivates behaviour aimed at countering the threat”. There is empirical support to suggest that there is sexual differentiation in responses to scenario’s which elicit jealous reactions (Pietrzak, Laird, Stevens & Thompson, 2002). In a study conducted at the Australian National University in 2000, more men than women endorsed sexual infidelity as most distressing. The type of infidelity found more distressing to males and females is explained and justified by the evolutionary hypothesis (EH). It suggests that sex differences have their origins in the evolutionary process and are to be found universally (Buss, Larsen & Westen, 1996). Conversely the double-shot hypothesis (DS) suggests that men and women select the more distressing type of infidelity they think implies the occurrence of the other. Finally proponents of each hypothesis point to results and methodological deficiencies of the other hypothesis to undermine its claims. Although both hypotheses have reason to be believed the latter seems to be displaced by the amount of compelling evidence which suggests that sex differences have their origins in an evolutionary process that results in the different reactions to infidelity shown by men and women. (more…)

June 16, 2010

Shogun Essay

The novel Shogun, by James Clavell is not just a book, but a cultural insight into a country that has flourished for over a thousand years, and is as rich, diverse and beautiful, as it is violent and cruel. The novel deals with themes and issues such as cultural acceptance, death, tradition and religion, to mention a few, and the story progresses through the eyes of numerous characters, both Japanese and European.

The setting for Shogun is Japan in the year 1600. The main characters are John Blackthorne, whose dream is to be the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, to break the monopoly the Portuguese and Spanish have on trade between Japan and China and to return home famous and wealthy; Toranaga, the most powerful lord in Japan, who’s burning desire is become the Shogun, (the supreme military dictator) and to unite the waring samurai clans under his own leadership; and the Lady Mariko, who is a Catholic convert who must decide whether to support the Church or her own county – these loyalties however, are confused when she falls in love with Blackthorne. The novel begins when Blackthorn’s ship hits a reef while trying desperately to escape a storm. Incidentally, the ship is wrecked and Blackthorne and his crew are stranded on an uncharted landmass. Over the next few days, Blackthorne discovers that he is in Nihon or Japan and that his crew is being held captive. He whiteness first had the extremes of violence akin to the Japanese, when a Samurai hacks off a man’s head for being impolite. (more…)

June 3, 2010

Career Research Essay

Law Enforcement. Just writing the two words together brings back old memories of TV shows featuring a grizzled detective smoking a large cigar. I picture Martin Lawrence and Will Smith blowing up half of Miami in their attempts to catch the bad guys. In reality, none of this is true. None of this even shines a candle on the true work of law enforcement officers. It is the most underrated, thankless, and poorly portrayed career in the world. A federal law enforcement position takes more time and dedication than any other law enforcement job in the world. It is my hope to shed some light on what a federal law enforcement officer really does, and for my purposes, I am using the specific career of FBI Special Agent.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation began its mission in 1908 when the first director was appointed. Since that time, it has become the primary investigative division for the United States government. The FBI is responsible for enforcing over 260 federal statutes, and also for conducting investigations pertaining to National Security. In recent years, and with the events of September 11, 2001, the FBI’s mission has doubled. (more…)

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