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April 1, 2010

Essay on War

‘Is Iraq war justified’ is the one of the hot promulgation widely discussed among the literate. This is the war, which was initiated by U.S.A and it’s allies without the consent of the United Nation. The sources on which they had tried to justify this war were lately denounced. Emphasize to protect the world peace is quite genuine, however is it bipedal enough to put the life of several Iraqis to stake just for one man and destroy it’s peace. The issue has already been raised ‘Is the Iraq war justified’. This is such an argumentative issue that can hold several debates. There are people who justify this war on the fact that it was to end the prolonging and repressive dictatorship of Saddam and to protect the world from the nuke devastation. To me these reasons do not sound authentic enough to put the life of multifold Iraqis in to danger. In the view of this research, Iraq war is not justified because no discovery of nuclear weapons took place as predicted, no consent of the U.N.O was taken for it’s initiation and the war aftermath are very chaotic and agonizing.

Iraq is considered as one the richest oil producing countries of the world. It has been famous for Saddam Hussein’s (a former leader) brutal and cruel rule. Saddam had practiced several years of aggressive and barbaric dictatorship on his regime. He was as well counted as one of the active a participant in making nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

There was a continuous terror to the world, of his engagement in such a devastating act and posed threat to the existing human race.

It was around end of January When George bush was stimulated for the war after hearing the success of weapon inspector in Iraq.

The CIA agents had really accomplished their task of making Saddam Hussein’s engagement in WMD a real story. It was on March 10 when America and it’s allies actually outburst war on Iraq. Their clarification made the war a legitimate and authentic act. There was deployment of armies, navies and military from several countries and a vast budget of billion of dollars was embedded for this violent purpose. Nevertheless now the story is no longer in that context.

In order to combat this problem Iraq was plunged to this war commonly addressed as the ‘Iraq war’. It stared around end of march by United States and it’s allies. The United Nation Organization ’ will be frequently mentioned in this research essay. It is an organization, which takes in account the security, of peace of the world.

Some people do justify this Iraq war on the bases that Saddam Hussein’s was involved in creation of mortal nuclear weapons, which were of great threat to the human existence. Therefore to combat this problem they had to take this violent step. In addition to this few justify their stand by saying that Saddam Hussein practiced barbaric and brutal rule on his empire. Therefore to end this repressive dictatorship, Iraq was plunged in to the war.

The research says that the above mentioned facts are reasonably authentic to justify the Iraq war. However they are not strong enough to reason the exploitation of the Iraq as a governing state nor does it justifies the reason of multifold number of innocent Iraqis.

One of the glaring reasons, rigid enough to justify the Iraq war were the Weapons of mass destruction. Prior to the war all it’s proponents illuminated their stance on the bases of the above-mentioned rationale.

The war, which is now closely related to as guerilla war, has become more agonizing and agitating. The war has fulfilled it’s purpose of pulling down Saddam from’ it’s throne but has failed to find the weapons of mass destruction. In reality there has been no discovery of weapons which were considered to pose a great threat to our human race. It is said that an intensive six-month search of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction has failed to discover a single trace of an illegal arsenal being formed under the name of Saddam. It was actually said that Saddam had taken no steps to revive it’s ammunitions since 1998. That means in conclusion to this theory the fundamental reason to go for war has been debunked. Therefore according to the real picture being displayed it will quite genuine to say that deaths of multifold people, spending of immense money on troops and the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure and peace can not be rationalized over this fake reason. Therefore the research still insists on the stance that this Iraq war is not justified.

“It demonstrates that the main judgments of the national intelligence estimate (NIE) in October 2002, that Saddam had hundreds of tonnes of chemical and biological agents ready, are false.”

In addition, the fact which makes this war so unfair, is the absence of the UNO’s consent. The proposal of plunging Iraq in to this excruciating war was well projected in front of United Nation, however few countries like France (have the VETO power) objected it. They considered Iraq was not a major threat to the world security. The move triggered a crisis for NATO – an alliance founded on principals of mutual protection. However still US has committed an aggression going war without UNO’s consent and now he is facing problems as the countries are not dispatching Troops to the Iraq to revive back it’s peace. It could be a more perceptive act if US plunged in to war with the UN’s backing. This is because countries feel secure in rendering help if it is a mandate from a High governing authority. Now the sole masters of the war are facing problems in putting back the peace and infrastructure, which they had destroyed all that while. In actual on should not sideline the fact that Iraq is supreme oil producing country in the world. Therefore says America ‘s action was blended just for the profit motives of oil industry. There was no contribution of UNO until the destruction and unrest resulted in bomb attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad. It was said by Kofi Anan the secretary General that UN approves the protection of member staff otherwise the culprits will think that international workers are soft targets. That is the only contribution shown by the united nation since the initiation of the war. Therefore it is quite unfair to plunge Iraq in to the war.

The third reason why Iraq war should not be justified is that Iraq war has agitated anger among all those people who consider this act humane and barbaric. It has caused enormous deaths and has been a source of numerous protests and mutinies. One can very well observe the plight of Iraqis who have lost their home and their loved ones. The sufferings are not only confined to Iraqis. According to News week, Larisan says that the number of military deployed from the neighboring countries is also quite large. The war has taken the shape of the guerilla conflict. The natives are engaged in giving rigid answers to the Iraq destruction by bombing on the foreign extruders. Therefore in one or the other way there has been increasing deathtoll. According to the New Straight times Families of US troops are annoyed with Iraq’s deployments and are expressing frustration on their prolonging stay in Iraq. In addition to this, Iraq war has also shaken the political stability in countries like America and Briton. The NST says that the division of the Tony Blair’s labors party still persists because of Iraq issue. The sexing up the dossier regarding the WMD by Blair’s government has pulled down the number of Britons in his favor. One more thing, which is associated with this war, is the suicide death of David Kelly. He was the UK led supreme authority engaged in discovery of weapons of mass destruction but was victimized by the Britain government. Same is the case of US government. Therefore it is now authentic enough to say that such chaos caused by the Iraq war does not justify this conflict.

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