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May 5, 2010

Essay on Culture of India

When comparing the culture of India to today’s American culture, there seems to be a great deal of differences, but a few similarities seem to show through as well. Both countries are highly populated, but the varying cultures between the two carry a great affect on the social status of the country overall. Seeing the prominent differences will give a clear view of what causes problems for the Indian culture.

India, the second most populated, is a very culturally diverse country. There are the Aryans in the northern part, and the Dravidians in the southern part. Numerous types and variations of languages are spoken their country, including Hindi, which is mainly spoken in the north, and another major language being English. Their constitution recognizes a list of fifteen regional languages spoken throughout the country.

The Indian economy is divided into two separate countries, the first mentioned being village India. Village residents get most of their economic aid from farming and agriculture. Their main crops of productions are rice, wheat, pulses, sugarcane, and corn. Cotton, tobacco, oilseeds, and jutes are the main non food crops. Sadly, in this part of the country, tens of millions of Indians live below the poverty level. The second type of Indian country economy, Urban India, is mostly consists of industrialization. (more…)

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