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March 26, 2010

Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a story of two ‘star crossed lovers’ who play out their love affair against a background of feuding and poisoned family relationships. In this essay I will be directing Act 1 scene 5. This scene is very important, as it sets where Romeo and Juliet meet, fall in love and realise each other’s identities and also it is pivotal to the play. When directing this play, acting, costumes, set lighting, and sounds needs to be considered.

When the party begins the use of costumes is very vital as it signifies their importance in the play. As it is a fancy dress party I think Juliet should be dressed up like a ballerina because it will emphasise that she is pure, holy and loving. Romeo should be hidden in armour because his costume will convey that he is brave and wanting to do whatever he thinks. I have suggested him to be brave as he would do anything in life to suit him but he will always protect himself. Mercutio will dress up the president of the states, as it will make him powerful and imaginative. Tybalt will be dressed as a devil. I will dress Capulet as an Indian emperor as he is the host of the party. The nurse is dressed up as nun to represent her innocence and kindness. For the servants they would be dressed up as butlers. For my characters I’ve chosen modern costumes so more young people could appreciate Romeo and Juliet, as it is closer to their generation. I will now make use of diagram to show the costume design. (more…)

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