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August 15, 2013

How to Write a Critical Essay

To write an effective critique, or rather, a critical essay, you must first be a critical reader. What does this mean? I will tell you. You must carefully analyze the chosen writer’s perspective, argument, and presented information to determine possible strengths and weaknesses. You must objectively look at the work, and use a certain criteria to evaluate it. Because a critique is also personal, it can also include your own opinions and reactions. Primarily, however, you ought to consider the title of the article and reflect on what it means to you. What do you already know about this topic? What do you believe? What do you predict the article will cover? All this are of great importance if a critical essay is to fall in shape.

An analysis of an essay should be organized into six parts: the background, the purpose, the thesis statement, evidence, the refutation, and finally, the summarizing appeal. This is just the analysis part of the essay, which is just as important as the essay itself. For the best finished piece of writing, it is important that you follow these steps when writing your critique, or rather critical essay. (more…)

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